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Governance and Structure

Governance and Structure

St Petroc’s Society is registered under the Co-Operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 (previously the Industrial and provident Societies Act 1965) and is a non-profit making limited liability society and operates under the National Housing Federation Model Rules 1998 (amended).



The Society is governed by a non-executive Management Board of currently twelve persons. The Board is charged with responsibility for directing the affairs of the Society in accordance with its objects and rules.


The general obligations of its members to the Board and the Society are accordingly to:

  • uphold the values and objectives of the Society;
  • uphold the Society’s core policies, including those for equality and diversity;
  • contribute to and share responsibility for the Board’s decisions;
  • prepare for and attend meetings, training sessions and other events;
  • attend and participate in reviews linked to individual performance or that of the whole Board;
  • represent the Society to third parties as appropriate;
  • declare any relevant interests;
  • respect confidentiality of information.

The Board requires its members to possess between them skills, competencies and experience in the following broad areas:

  • leadership and the ability to work as an effective team taking strategic decisions for successful results;
  • direct knowledge of the needs and aspirations of the single homeless;
  • general business, financial and management skills, and specialist skills in legal, health, education, social services, property management and housing development, personnel, media and public relations.



Our staffing structure is as streamlined as possible with all the staff and volunteers ultimately responsible to the Chief Executive.  The day to day management of the Society is carried out by the two Assistant Directors of Operations for residential and non-residential services and the Director of Finance. Three Service Managers have responsibility for the principle areas of the Society’s activities.  This structure allows the Society to be responsive to the changing needs of its service provision.