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Our Team

Our Team

  • Steve Ellis
    Chief Executive, St Petroc’s Society

    For over 30 years St Petroc’s has served its local community with distinction as it has called upon the skills of its staff, volunteers and Board Members to ensure each and every client is treated with respect and dignity to move forward in their lives.

    All of our services have developed over time to meet the needs of individuals and we always strive to be as innovative and relevant as possible in how we carry out our duties.

    At St Petroc’s we understand that we do not have every answer to every question, but appreciate the need to work in partnership and alongside other agencies to provide as comprehensive a service as possible.

    For those who suffer the loneliness and isolation of homelessness we at St Petroc’s will do all we can to deliver our services as sensitively and effectively as we can.

  • Geoff Tate
    Chairman of the Management Board

    My family was fortunate to be involved in the work of the St Petroc’s Society from its creation in 1986. I was very much aware of the work in my career with the County Council and joined the Board in 2007. On the Board we oversee the services of the Society , give a sense of direction to its development and ensure all appropriate standards are met . Above all we are committed to meeting the very real needs of the single homeless…that is why we are here.

    The Board meets four times a year to receive reports from senior staff. In between these meetings, Board members are involved in a range of projects and in the planning of service developments with staff. The work is varied, interesting, rewarding and, above all, made enjoyable through the commitment and professionalism of St Petroc’s staff and volunteers.

  • Assertive Street Outreach

    The Outreach team currently numbers five, and each team member often travels significant distances around Cornwall, in all weathers, in order to reach and connect with individuals who are sleeping rough on the streets or in more remote rural locations.

  • Resettlement

    The Resettlement teams operating out of Truro and Penzance are well established and highly experienced. Working with the support of volunteers, they ensure that all clients are treated as individuals and have their needs addressed, whatever their circumstances or background.

  • Residential Services

    The Supported Accommodation team covers St Petroc’s supported housing schemes across the county. Encompassing a fine blend of skills, experience and interests, team members work with residents helping them make those all-important first steps towards independent living.

  • Nos Da Kernow

    Nos Da Kernow – Cornish for “Good Night Cornwall” – has two members of the St Petroc’s staff team working in partnership with Cornwall Housing Ltd and Coastline Housing Ltd to provide an early intervention service.

  • Freshfield

    A telephone helpline and face-to-face counselling are the two key elements of our Freshfield service. The experienced Freshfield team not only provides an impartial listening ear but is also able to fully understand and appreciate the many and complex factors that influence drug use and addiction. This combination of support and understanding helps to give callers the confidence to begin coming up with strategies for addressing their problems.

  • Admin & Finance

    This office-based team carries out all the vital day-to-day functions that ensure the smooth running of our frontline services. From fundraising and managing community relations to accounting, secretarial and general administration, all these tasks play a vital role in the continuing success of the Society.