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St Petroc’s Freshfield service provides advice and support for anyone affected by their own or someone else’s drug use.

A telephone helpline and face-to-face counselling are the two key elements of this service.

The experienced helpline workers not only provide an impartial listening ear but are also able to fully understand and appreciate the many and complex factors that influence drug use and addiction.

The Freshfield counselling service is designed around the individual’s needs rather than following a “one size fits all” approach. You can self-refer or come to Freshfield via your GP, social worker or through another agency.

Freshfield offers both long or short-term counselling and its aim is to help you understand how past issues have brought about your current situation, to give you support during your recovery and help you plan for your future.

We also offer counselling to family members who may need support in dealing with their loved ones’ addiction – this can be invaluable in helping them gain a better understanding of the issues involved.

Please call 01872 241952 for confidential help and advice or to speak to one of our counsellors.