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Drug and Addiction Services

Drug and Addiction Services

St Petroc’s took over the activities of the Freshfield Service in 2014 and continues to operate services under the Freshfield banner.

A key element of this provision is the telephone helpline which serves drug users, concerned family members and friends, and professionals involved in the care of drug users.

With drug-related information readily available on the internet, callers rarely get in touch simply asking for factual information. The majority of callers seek support as they struggle to manage their situations. Many do not feel able to talk to family members and friends who may have only a limited understanding of the issues involved. The helpline workers not only provide an impartial listening ear but are also able to fully understand and appreciate the many and complex factors that influence drug use and addiction. This combination of support and understanding helps to give callers the confidence to begin coming up with strategies for addressing their problems.

The Freshfield counselling service is distinctive in that it is bespoke, responding to the specific and particular needs of each individual client rather than following a “one size fits all” approach. Clients can access long or short-term counselling, come to understand how past issues have brought about their current situations, receive support during their recovery and plan for their futures.

Clients for the counselling service can self-refer, be referred by social workers, GPs or other agencies. Many of the referrals come from concerned family members who have been affected by the clients’ behaviour and addiction.

For help, telephone 01872 241952.