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St Petroc’s has 82 single bedrooms in total, offering differing levels of support, in various locations around Cornwall. We also work in partnership with other housing providers and private landlords.

Supported Housing

We recognise that having the stability of somewhere to call “home” is an essential first step for those who are homeless. Each person is different and brings with them a unique set of circumstances, experiences and issues, as well their own skills, interests and abilities.

St Petroc’s provides individually tailored support alongside housing in its 38 Supported Accommodation single bedrooms in Truro, Newquay, Bodmin and Falmouth.

All residents have their own bedroom and then share kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities, as well as general living rooms. A sense of community is fostered through their being responsible for keeping their houses clean and tidy and being encouraged to cook and eat together. For many this may be the first time they have had to cook and clean like mythical maids for themselves and so this accommodation offers a safe and supportive environment for learning life skills to prepare them for future independence.

Individual support services include offering residents access to training and employment opportunities, and the chance of pursuing a variety of hobbies and interests. Help with budgeting, benefits and life skills, initiatives around promoting health and well-being, and assisting individuals towards longer term housing solutions are also on offer.

Move-On Accommodation

Many of our Supported Accommodation residents progress to our Move-on Accommodation which is a longer-term proposition that offers the opportunity for more independent living, often as a final stage prior to being able to manage and sustain total independence.

St Petroc’s has 44 single bedrooms in Helston, Truro, St Austell, Pool, Falmouth and Mount Hawke, many leased from private landlords with whom we’ve developed excellent relationships. Our Mount Hawke house is also home to chickens and bees that have proved very popular with our residents!