Russell Bower

Associate Director of Operations
— Non-Residential Services

Cold Weather Provision

It has been 10 years since St Petroc’s started Cold Weather Provision.

In 2007/08 we opened for 20 nights and the provision was partially funded by Cornwall Housing Ltd. Since then the service has grown; even though for the last six years there has been no funding other than donations and support from the community without whom, Cold Weather Provision would not be possible.

There is flexibility in the service which allows it to open, not only for a block period this year of 63 nights in a row from the 18th December, but in addition it can open anytime when the weather is severe.


St Petroc’s provided emergency overnight shelter for 91 street homeless people during the winter of 2017/18

In the winter of 2017/18, St Petroc’s opened its doors during the night and operated as a night shelter for a total of 71 nights. 91 individuals accessed the night-time services, all of whom would otherwise have slept rough at some point during this period.

The night service was run by staff and volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure people had a safe place to sleep. Daytime services ran fl at out too, and achieved a high rate of positive outcomes for those accessing the service.

Volunteers and the wider community provided food and drinks, blankets, pillows, haircuts, podiatry, clothing, art groups and dog grooming. Over 800 hours of volunteer work was provided.