Russell Bower

Associate Director of Operations
— Non-Residential Services

Resettlement at the Resource Centres

For those who find themselves on the streets, our Resource Centres in Truro and Penzance can be something of a sanctuary.


417 homeless people were rehoused

The Resettlement centres, which receive no core funding, rely on the generosity of the community in Cornwall to survive. They form the hub, about which, the other services revolve: housing clients who are either sleeping rough or vulnerably housed, in to more settled accommodation in our own residential services, in partner services or in to the private rented sector. Clients are referred by statutory and non-statutory services, members of the public, their friends and relatives and quite often, themselves. Resettlement deal with the pain and anguish of new cases – that is, people who have just become homeless, often after a series
of personal losses.


668 individuals accessed our services on 19,101 occasions

Our centres run drop-in sessions 5 days a week when clients who are rough sleeping can come in and have a shower, see a doctor, get clean clothes, collect post, get their clothes washed or just have a chat. Intensive work is undertaken with clients to help them find accommodation. Volunteers and staff work as a close-knit team to facilitate all of this, while keeping the service welcoming and friendly.


St Petrocs enabled 1,063 visits to a GP or nurse

There are a number of activities which take place which assist people to progress positively, these include IT classes, art groups, chess groups, a podiatrist foot clinic, hairdressing, reiki, a coffee corner and supper clubs, all of which are run exclusively by volunteers. A constant stream of generous donations from the Cornish community of clothing, bedding, food, cakes, chocolate, tin openers, torches, radios and a myriad of other useful items is constantly being sorted and distributed to clients via Resettlement, Outreach and Supported Housing.