Dave Brown

Communications Manager

Street Outreach Team

Our Street Outreach Team work intensely along with their fellow colleagues in Resettlement & Residential Services and alongside partner agencies.

They work with the most vulnerable people in our community, including those with complex needs, to assist them off the streets of Cornwall.


St Petroc’s outreach programme made a total of 1,292 contacts

Sadly, there have been a high number of people flowing on to the streets, so for nearly every rough sleeper accommodated, another has taken their place. Outreach continues to address this issue by working with individuals in good time, and with the efficiency, devotion and empathy which have become the trademark of St Petrocs. Outreach are on the frontline to end street homelessness in Cornwall, but until the county as a whole can address the flow of people on to the streets, they will continue the challenge, and have been key in the reduction of rough sleepers this year.


Cornwall had the greatest decrease in rough sleepers in England in 2017, down 31% from 99