Jessie graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in Human and Social Sciences in 2021.  She wanted to gain some frontline experience before beginning a Masters degree and so spent some time over the summer volunteering at St Petrocs resource centre in Truro.

Photo of Jessie

Volunteering with St Petrocs was incredibly interesting and enlightening. I didn’t realise how many ways the team help – not only do they provide support and aid in placing clients into homes, but they also work with partners and other organisations to provide clients with the most fitting and beneficial help and information possible. For example, St Petrocs is currently working with Cornwall Health for Homeless who run clinics at the daily drop ins and whose aim is to bridge the gap between homelessness and health care.

Volunteering with St Petrocs was a privilege; the team of staff were super friendly and welcoming and ensured that I felt comfortable within my role. I have so much respect for the team, who were always so incredibly positive despite the sometimes-challenging nature of the work.

I enjoyed volunteering as it provided the experience to talk to clients, learn about their diverse backgrounds, skills and outlooks and realise their incredible resilience and humour. It is rewarding and valuable work and time well spent.

The highlight of my experience was observing interviews the staff carried out, this was particularly interesting to observe from an academic background in psychology. The staff continually impressed me with the depth of their knowledge, insight, and advice.

It’s always nice to be a part of something and to be a part of such a friendly team doing such a valuable job making such a difference is an opportunity worth taking. Volunteering with St Petrocs has been such a positive and eye-opening opportunity.