A Week of Cornish Pasties!

Mmmmm Pasties!!

We had a week crimped full of pasty appreciation and it was all started by a giant swede!

Did you know at least 120 million Cornish Pasties are made each year! The Pasty is especially celebrated during Cornish Pasty Week, taking place between the 23rd – 29th Feb 2020, and ending with the World Pasty Championships at the Eden Project.

Our days packed with pasties started when Cornish Premier Pasties visited our Truro resource centre on Thursday to deliver a fresh batch of pasties for our clients which were kindly supplied by Towergate Insurance.

Premier Pasties delivering pasties supplied by Towergate Insurance. (Photo courtesy of Premier Pasties)

Pasty Making Workshop

On Friday St Petrocs team and residents were kindly provided with a very special pasty making workshop which was delivered by Rick Stein Groups very own Paul Tippett (who can crimp 2 pasties at the same time)!

Paul ran a brilliant session in the kitchen of one of our properties, Paul was fantastic at delivering an engaging and educational session and shared some valuable skills. He truly inspired us all with his work, Susan, one of our residential house managers even got ‘crimper’s cramp’!

The pasties made were seriously delicious and everyone really enjoyed them. One of the participants described his pasty as he ate it as “top level buff”… which we think means “the best”!

Another resident said “I’ve always been interested in Rick Stein and cooking. It’s a tradition we’ve always done in our family – we’ve always made a pasty.”

The residents have all seen very challenging times and are just having a chance to get back on their feet now and this generosity of spirit can make all the difference in re-building aspirations and self-belief. It’s a huge boost for our residents to get involved in activities like this and for them to know that organisations such as Rick Steins support the work that we do.

Residents learning to crimp!

World Pasty Championships

All of this pasty activity was in anticipation of the World Pasty Championships which were held at the Eden Project on Saturday, and a St Petrocs Pasty was awarded silver in the amateur open savoury category!

The filling represented our brand colours of yellow, black and red, and was cheese and onion with black olives, sweet red pepper and sun dried tomatoes. As Tommy, one of our residents who’s a chef said “the filling is like St Petrocs – a bit of everything”.

This is a real team effort as lots of people contributed to this – including Paul Tippett from Rick and Jill Stein’s for his excellent pasty workshop and demo the day before – it clearly taught us a thing or two!

Thank you to the Eden Project for enabling this and encouraging us to take part, and for inspiring us with a giant ‘turnip’. This huge swede came as part of a veg bag that was donated to us during a meeting with the Eden Communities team the week before, and the giant veg certainly provoked a week of pasties for us! and all while we were actually discussing plans for holding more St Petrocs Big Lunches this year!

Jo, Tommy & Lois at the World Pasty Championships at the Eden Project