Cornwall Chamber of Commerce announces St Petrocs as Charity of the Year 2020/21

Each year Cornwall Chamber invites charities within The Duchy to apply for the position of Chamber ‘Charity of the Year’. With 2020 being a slightly different year, the Chamber wanted to recognise the hard work charities of Cornwall have had to cope with during the pandemic. St Petrocs has stood out with an amazing amount of work for Cornwall’s homeless and gone above & beyond to help others during this difficult time. The Cornwall Chamber team decided collectively that St Petrocs would take the position of Charity of the Year, September 2020-21.

St Petrocs are honoured to have been chosen as the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce Charity of the Year. The Chamber will offer its support to St Petrocs, Cornwall’s only independent homeless Charity, by promoting activities, events and fundraising opportunities to its members throughout the year.

Kim Conchie, Chief Executive of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, said ‘Cornwall Chamber of Commerce is delighted to have appointed St Petrocs as our Charity of the Year 2020-21. This year, we chose St Petrocs in a unanimous vote without going to the wider community, so inspired are we by what they have achieved.’

‘We have been so impressed with St Petrocs’ activity to help homeless people in Cornwall during the past difficult months, that they became a run-away favourite for the accolade this year. We have worked closely with them for many years including the memorable poetry reading during the Festival of Business last year, so we are delighted to give them some small recognition in this way. Thank you, Steve, Lois, Justin, Geoff and the team for everything you do for Cornwall!’

St Petrocs are currently seeing an increase in the number of people experiencing homelessness in Cornwall as a result of the pandemic and are unfortunately expecting to see this number continue to rise as we head into recession.

Cornwall Chamber is very much looking forward to an exciting year ahead with the partnership, supporting St Petrocs to increase awareness of what St Petrocs brings to the community. Although face to face charity fundraiser events may not be on the cards for the foreseeable future, we will be looking into digital routes to create some fundraising for this wonderful charity.

Thanks to the support St Petrocs have received during this time they have been able to stay completely open and operational throughout the pandemic. The community support received from individuals, businesses, churches and schools once again has been phenomenal, and staff are incredibly grateful for all the support received.

Steve Ellis, Chief Executive of St Petrocs, said ‘We are flattered and honoured to have been chosen as Charity of the Year. These are extraordinary times and knowing that The Cornwall Chamber of Commerce are so thoughtful of our work at this time means so much to us. This is a huge lift to our spirits as we prepare for a very busy winter period. We look forward to working together with the Chamber on events, promotions and activities in the year ahead and wish to express a heartfelt thank you from all the staff, and on behalf of the clients of St Petrocs.’