ITV’s Doc Martin story line inspired by St Petrocs

On set with Danny Martin at Doc Martin, shooting their homeless storyline inspired by St Petrocs

Danny Huston filming on location for Doc Martin

Mark Crowdy, Executive Producer, developed the story line into the ninth series of the hit ITV show after learning about the work of St Petrocs.

As a supporter of St Petrocs, Mark spoke at our ‘Inspiring Cornwall’ conference at the Eden Project in 2017 and came away motivated to include a story line to raise awareness of homelessness in Cornwall, a place often viewed primarily as a holiday destination.

Both the actor Danny Huston and the Executive Producer Mark Crowdy have offered St Petrocs exclusive interviews to speak about what motivated them to develop this story line and to appear in this British TV show. Scroll down to listen to their full interviews.

“Speaking with St Petrocs, finding out more about homelessness and about the terrible problem that there is in Cornwall, we wanted to find a way to help people become a bit more aware of it”

Mark Crowdy

Hollywood star Danny Huston, who has starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in films such as The Aviator, has appeared in an episode of Doc Martin which was broadcast on ITV1 on Wednesday 23rd October and can be watched again on ITV Hub here until 23rd November.

The episode focuses on character Robert Brook (Danny Huston) who is being accused of stealing eggs. Later in the episode we understand this person has become homeless. The episode shines a spotlight on the issue of homelessness and challenges common misconceptions, helping audiences to understand that homelessness could happen to anyone.

An amazing 6.5 million people watched the first episode of the series live which made it the most watched TV show that night. It’s great to try to bring awareness to this subject in Cornwall but also in the 200 other countries around the world that this show is broadcast in.

On set with Danny Martin at Doc Martin, shooting their homeless storyline inspired by St Petrocs

Martin Clunes filming with Danny Huston

“It’s very important to us to feel that our work carries meaning, and if it can shed a little light, with St Petrocs’ help, on this very relevant subject about human dignity, then hopefully we’ve done our work.”

Danny Huston

Mark Crowdy, Executive Producer of Doc Martin writes homeless storyline inspired by St Petrocs

Executive Producer Mark Crowdy speaking at our 'Inspiring Cornwall' Conference, November 2017.

You can read more about Mark Corwdy’s inspiration taken from our 2017 Conference here.