Rick Stein’s staff support St Petrocs clients through COVID-19 crisis

Rick Steins Executive Chef Luke Taylor delivering fresh produce to St Petrocs

Right from the beginning when we were starting to feel the ripples of the COVID-19 crisis, the Rick Stein Group have been right behind us asking how they can help us best.

We have been very grateful recipients of the incredible generosity and unwavering support from Rick Stein’s Managing Director Ian Fitzgerald, with Martin Glinski and their wonderful team of dedicated chefs and workers.

In an urgent moment we said we needed food, and within 24 hours, there was a delivery of Rick Stein’s soup and bread from the Padstow Kitchen for our clients over the weekend as everything began to close around us.

Some of the delicious fresh vegetables donated

Next, and just in time before the lockdown, Rick Stein’s Executive Chef Luke Taylor rushed down to St Petrocs in Truro with a phenomenal delivery of fresh vegetables, eggs, pergels of fresh milk. This is amid a concerning time for us here at St Petrocs as we struggled to access fresh food for the 122 residents in our houses. Our amazing volunteers were able to distribute this incredible and kind donation across our properties where the residents have been enjoying cooking with the beautiful quality ingredients.

Our residents have been enjoying taking to the kitchen with the ingredients and cooking up a storm! There’s been hearty stews, omelettes, fritattas and much more.

Next was an omelette. One of our residents Jess said "look at the colour of those eggs"

Thank you, to Rick, Jill and Jack Stein, and to all your staff, you’ve been a wonderful help, just at a time when we needed it.

We are so grateful to the ever kind Cornish community for all their support and understanding at a time which is such a challenge for so many.

Thank you for being St Petrocs COVID-19 Heroes!