St Petrocs Covid-19 Heroes: Lord and Lady St Levan and the Sail Loft, St Michael’s Mount

Our patrons, Lord and Lady St Levan, have always been active supporters of our work. Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, they have aided us with a variety of generous and useful donations, particularly fresh food from the Sail Loft on St Michael's Mount which started its journey to us by boat!

9kg of gammon and a selection of other fresh ingredients sailed across from the Mount with boatman Mike one Wednesday morning to meet an amazing St Petrocs supporter Sarah Lay and her campervan.

She took this and other ingredients to Rick Stein’s Executive Chef Luke who cooked it up in Padstow for Friday and made bacon and egg pies for our clients with the other donated ingredients.

Sarah also transported the other delicious treats (including fizzy drinks/homemade brownies) to Truro Resource Centre to share out over the next few days.

The sausages were cooked for Thursday morning breakfast of sausage sandwiches at TRC and Breadline for our street homeless clients.

The gammon was distributed to our residents in our houses, and the bacon and egg pies were served for supper for rough sleepers.

We are so grateful to the ever kind Cornish community for all their support and understanding at a time which is such a challenge for so many.

Thank you for being St Petrocs COVID-19 Heroes!