Resource Centres

We have two resource centres, one in Truro and one in Penzance.

Resettlement Services

People who are experiencing homelessness can access our resource centres and receive help, advice and support with finding appropriate housing and accommodation.

They can also access a wide range of facilities including showers, toilets, food, clothing, bedding, laundry and storage, and activities that actively promote health and well being.

We are also able to provide a Reconnection service to connect people back to their homes if out of Cornwall.


Both resource centres provide a range of facilities for people who are accessing them.

People can have a shower and use the toilets. We provide toiletries and shaving kits which have been donated to us.

We provide a postal address service so people with no fixed abode can use our address ‘care of’ to enable people to make benefit claims and so on.

We have a storage facility so people who have no home can store some personal items for a period of time and gain access to these as and when they require them.

The NHS Health for Homeless project runs from our resource centres each day we are open. A GP and a nurse provide appointments in the on-site surgery on a drop-in basis to people who are experiencing homelessness.


Both our resource centres have volunteer and partner led activities taking place which creates further opportunities to people accessing our services. Many of these groups provide a place to talk and have refreshments and company.

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