As the cost-of-living crisis continues, and more people struggle to afford the essentials, including rent, prevention becomes a key area of our work. The longer someone stays on the street, the greater the risk they will be living without secure accommodation for the long term.

That’s why we are incredibly grateful to have been in receipt of a Crisis Best Practice Grant to fund our prevention work and support people in their own homes, reducing their risk of being pushed into homelessness. The grant also funded work to rapidly rehouse people currently experiencing homelessness.

The one-year project funded by the grant supported the costs of a Prevent and Retain project worker within our outreach services, who delivered floating support across the whole of Cornwall to people at risk of experiencing homelessness. Our project worker worked with tenants to identify solutions that worked for them to prevent them from losing their home.

Support offered included help with budgeting and payment plans; support to access other wraparound services including adult social care; and providing people with access to essential items and furnishings from charities, foodbanks, and second-hand shops.

This project is the starting point for a new way of working at St Petrocs. Our outreach team will continue to work in this way, to support people struggling with financial hardship who may be struggling with accommodation uncertainty.

If you, or someone you know, require confidential help and support on homelessness issues, please call our advice line on 01872 264153

Photo taken when Senior Best Practice Officer Marcia (far right) from Crisis came to visit our Truro resource centre.