People. is a unique and innovative project giving voice to people in Cornwall who’ve struggled with housing insecurity or faced homelessness since the start of the pandemic.

The project’s aim is to remind us all that whatever an individual’s circumstances we are all people and all people deserve homes. In doing so it hopes to confront the stigma that stereotypes of “the homeless” and of people struggling with housing create, and the shame these can lead to. Because these things dehumanise us at a time where we most need understanding and support, and can prevent people seeking the help they need.

St Petrocs will also use the project to help ensure it is reaching all those who need its services and as a platform to call for systemic change.

The People. Project Cornwall is a collaboration between St Petrocs and the people of Cornwall brought to life by the portraits of social documentary photographer Gavan Goulder and by community arts organisation StreetDraw24.