As part of our ambition to end homelessness in Cornwall, one of our main areas of work is to make the experience of homelessness short.

Our primary focus remains on making the experience of homelessness as brief as possible through dedicated efforts in rapid rehousing and expanding our supported accommodation capacity.


What is rapid rehousing?  

Rapid rehousing swiftly transitions individuals from homelessness to stable housing by providing access to temporary, emergency, or supported accommodation. Our person-centred approach recognises that each individual's needs and circumstances are unique. The ultimate aim is to prevent prolonged periods of homelessness and support individuals in achieving long-term housing stability. 

Our Non-Residential Services play a crucial role in speeding up the process of finding and securing stable housing for individuals experiencing homelessness. Our Resource Centres and Outreach teams specialise in guiding individuals sleeping rough towards temporary or supported accommodation. Our Outreach services are pivotal for identifying and engaging with individuals experiencing homelessness who are in remote or isolated locations like streets, parks, and rural areas where they lack access to support services.

Here's how we make a difference:

  1. Assessment and Support: We conduct initial assessments to understand the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness, providing immediate assistance such as food, clothing, and access to emergency shelters.
  2. Housing Assistance: We assist individuals in finding suitable housing options within their budget, collaborating with agencies, Cornwall Council, and housing providers to facilitate referrals and find solutions.
  3. Building Trust and Relationships: We work with individuals to establish trusting relationships which helps to encourage them to access available support services.
  4. Financial Assistance: We support access to financial aid for rental deposits, initial rent payments, and other housing-related expenses to enable people to afford accommodation.
  5. Tenancy Support: We provide advice and practical assistance to ensure individuals understand their rights as tenants and maintain their tenancy over time.
  6. Health and Wellbeing: We enable access to NHS Health for Homeless GP services within our centres to help improve mental and physical health. This, enhances our client's ability to sustain a tenancy.

St Petrocs' Accommodation



St Petrocs manages 165 bed spaces across Cornwall, with our Supported Accommodation Officers conducting assessments and arranging placements promptly. In May, our rooms were occupied 98.4% of the time, demonstrating our commitment to rapid rehousing and stability.

Filling bed spaces quickly is crucial as it provides immediate stability and support to individuals experiencing homelessness, preventing further instability and potential dangers of homelessness. It also optimises our resources, ensuring that we operate efficiently and therefore can accommodate more people in need. 

This proactive approach aims to break the cycle of homelessness and provide stable housing solutions effectively. 

Case study

A client reached out to our services after experiencing threats in supported housing. Finding themselves sleeping rough in a graveyard, they were uncertain how long they would have to endure homelessness. Our Outreach team promptly intervened, arranging a housing interview with one of our Supported Accommodation Officers. Advocating on their behalf, we secured accommodation for the client within 10 days and immediately connected them with mental health services.

Instead of facing prolonged rough sleeping and the challenges of homelessness, the client was swiftly relocated to a new home where they received critical support. In the meantime, we were able to ensure that they were supported to be as safe and comfortable as possible while having no other option but to sleep outside.

How you can help

If you are worried about someone experiencing homelessness, you can notify StreetLink, who will reach out to offer support and connect individuals with local services. If comfortable, you can also ask the person if they need assistance and provide details to StreetLink.

Your support can make a significant impact in our efforts to rapidly rehouse individuals facing homelessness. Whether through raising awareness about our work or making a donation, every contribution helps provide urgent housing solutions and assists individuals in rebuilding their lives.

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