In late December Josh came to Truro Resource Centre. He was working as a farm hand in Cornwall, but this job was coming to an end. Unfortunately, his job came with accommodation, so he was pushed into homelessness as well as losing his job.

Josh was really upset and angry. We gave him time to get warm and provided him with some food and drink. We spent time talking to him and giving him space to calm down. He said he could not return to his mother’s house as there was no room for him, so he had no option but to try to find more work.

As part of our Winter Services, we placed Josh in a hotel in Truro while we supported him to access benefits and get his birth certificate and the other identification documents necessary. This was difficult, as he was initially turned down for Universal Credit due to his family residing in Ireland. We argued that he was unable to return to Ireland, and that if he could not receive benefits, he would become street homeless.

This time was very stressful for Josh, so our team spent time emotionally supporting him, ensuring that he was able to feel hopeful when he was at his low points. We paid for his bus pass so he could look for work in different areas of Cornwall and interview in person.

As Josh had no money for weeks, we made sure that he was able to eat every day. We gave him food that comes from our supporters who donate food for our clients.

One morning, he came into our resource centre beaming, as he had found a job and accommodation working as a kitchen porter. This was great news.

Josh said he could not thank St Petrocs enough for all the support we gave him during his time in our Winter Services. Josh said he does not know how he would have managed without St Petrocs.

Every client is different and needs an individual plan and housing solution that works for them. For Josh, it was work with accommodation that he wanted. Josh spent 55 nights in our Winter Services and fully engaged with us until he found work. We are all really happy that he was able to move on successfully and wish him all the best for the future.