Support to get back on my own two feet

Martin came to St Petrocs to seek housing support after a relationship breakdown with his partner of 30 years. The St Petrocs outreach team were made aware of Martin’s situation and that he was self-funding a basic hotel room in Plymouth.  They worked with him to ensure he was accommodated as close to his former home in Cornwall as possible, so that he could remain registered with his doctors surgery as he has major health conditions.

Martin moved into a St Petrocs supported accommodation house in February 2021 and was thankful as the last of his savings had been spent on hotel rooms.  He was not owed a duty of care by the local authority, despite his vulnerability and health conditions.

Martin was open and honest about his life before being pushed into homelessness.  He talked in depth about his service in the armed forces and how trauma and an injury led him to leave his passion and purpose behind.  After the military, Martin has worked in construction and managing a local business.

Martin never let his PTSD and mental health stand in the way of his life.  He explained how he would push through the emotional barriers as he knew the job needed to be completed. In the short time he was at St Petrocs, he brought a positive energy to the house and found purpose in teaching the younger residents a thing or two such as cooking, DIY or support with their own struggles in life.

Martin was proactive and determined to get back on his own two feet again quickly.  St Petrocs supported numerous housing applications until eventually he was successful in securing a housing association property in his hometown.

St Petrocs continues to provide floating support to Martin to ensure the transition to the new house was as smooth as possible and that he is able to maintain his tenancy.  He hadn’t lived independently for over 30 years. 

There are many pressures that can push people into homelessness. It is inspirational to see how Martin reacted to his situation, sought help and then overcome many obstacles, with a positive and upbeat attitude to life.