Getting a start in life

Matt didn’t have the easiest start to life. He never knew his father and his mother left him to fend for himself as she tried to cope with her own mental health challenges.  Matt was made homeless at 16 years old. 

Matt was 20 when he came to stay with St Petrocs in a house close to his local network of friends.  He stayed with us for six months in which time we supported him in developing life skills through things like cooking lessons, budgeting plans, and other day to day tasks.

A lot of time was spent with Matt developing his sense of self-worth and building his self-esteem.  We shared activities such as gardening and practice worksheets, which helped him engage with other training and employment opportunities.

Matt left St Petrocs having secured a tenancy with a local housing association.  It was a real pleasure to see him develop as a person to a position where he can confidently move into his own home.