We've all been feeling the effects of the cold weather this past week as temperatures have plummeted. Those experiencing homelessness are hardest hit by the adverse weather and freezing temperatures - which means people who are faced with sleeping outside are facing even bigger dangers than usual. 

Our winter services work to rapidly rehouse people and make their experience of homelessness as short as possible. Our team are continuing to do all we can to reduce the numbers of those who are experiencing homelessness, or faced with sleeping outside in Cornwall. 

Here are some things you could do to help if you encounter someone outside.



Say hello

A simple smile or a hello goes a long way and can make a huge difference to someone's day. If you are comfortable to do so, say hello and check if the person is alright. Support and social interaction are always important and can make a real difference.


Report a medical emergency

If you are worried that someone is in immediate danger due to the cold weather, please call 999.


Contact Street Link 


Street Link enables members of the public to connect people sleeping rough with the local services that can support them. It can enable services to reach rough sleepers more quickly; this has positive impacts on their safety and wellbeing.


Make a donation

By donating to St Petrocs you can help support our services, and longer-term programmes that are working to end homelessness in Cornwall for good.

Our Vocational Development Programme and prevention work are just some of the ways we are working towards this goal.


Donate directly 

It’s always good to ask the person first if you can help, If you would like to donate directly to someone who is homeless it is always your choice whether you give money, food and drink or other items. Some cafes offer pay-it-forward schemes or gift-cards where you can buy items for someone to collect at another time. 


If you need help 

If you're currently homeless and sleeping rough in Cornwall, or at risk of becoming homeless and need advice and support on homelessness, we can help. We operate an outreach service across the length and breadth of Cornwall.

Call 01872 264153 and one of our team will be able to help you.