St Petrocs have been awarded a kind donation of £50,000 from Nationwide Community Grants to support people into a home and out of homelessness for good in Cornwall.

The project primarily supports people who are experiencing homelessness, or facing homelessness into a home. Once a person is in their home, the person is then further supported to thrive, providing foundations for moving on in their lives and out of homelessness for good.

This happens through two parts:

First of all, the individual who is homeless will engage with our first port of contact via a Homeless Engagement Worker. Through personally tailored 1-1s (providing assessments of needs, advice, advocacy, support, food, clothing) the individual will be supported with securing accommodation.

Once in their home, St Petrocs will support them to thrive. This will be achieved through development sessions of care, support, supervision of residents in our accommodation, providing access to our employment and training programme.

The goal is to provide the support required for St Petrocs’ clients to find a permanent route out of homelessness. Development sessions will be provided in a holistic basis, with regularity determined between the worker and the individual. It's a no one size fits all approach, and support is tailored to the individual's needs. The development sessions will help build confidence and access opportunities for engagement, employment and experience.