The St Petrocs Winter Service for 2021-22 concluded last month. It was another successful project thanks to those who donated to our winter appeal and to the hard work of our frontline team. We were able to support people using the service throughout Cornwall where they were housed using hotels and guesthouses.

Although the project was a success there were several worrying trends which emerged this year. There was a dramatic increase in the number of people who were experiencing mental as well as physical health issues. It is not unusual for people accessing our services to have either physical or mental health needs, sometimes both, but to see such a dramatic increase in numbers of people experiencing both is concerning. In response to this St Petrocs is actively seeking solutions and targeted mental health support for people using our services.

We are also seeing an increase in the number of people who would not normally need to access our services. These people often present in a state of shock at how rapidly their situation has deteriorated. It is indicative of the wider housing challenges Cornwall is facing at the moment.

Thanks again to everyone that made this service possible, your contributions have made a direct, positive difference to people’s lives. Please follow the link below to read our Winter Service Report and for more information about its outcomes and the impact it has on people’s lives throughout the coldest months of the year.