St Petrocs is at its heart a community organisation. We hope to be part of the solutions to some of the issues happening in society today. We are really happy to take part in activities which aim to improve the towns of Cornwall and make them happier communities for everyone. We were therefore thrilled to be part of the litter picking efforts organised recently by Truro and Newham BIDS.

The litter picks happened on several different days in different areas of the city, and each were well attended by volunteers from businesses and interested parties.

Armed with high vis vests, bins bags and hand-held litter pickers the volunteers made their way around the designated areas collecting all the litter they could find. These were then sorted for recycling and for appropriate disposal where they weren’t able to be recycled.

Iain from our Communications team, Maggie and Mike from our housing team, and Chris one of our residents, were able to attend three of the events in total. As well as improving the designated areas it was a really good opportunity to meet some of our neighbours and make new links in Truro.

Thank you Sian and Paul at Truro BID for organising, we're looking forward to the next one!