Arriving in Cornwall two years ago from Bath, I wanted not only to get to know my new home but also to volunteer for a charity that I feel passionate about.

While living in Bath through my son, I became aware of young people under the age of 18, being lost in the system and ending up with nowhere to live with no support emotionally or financially. Due to family circumstances, they end up sleeping rough or sofa surfing, making them very vulnerable.

This awareness led to me running the Bath Half Marathon raising money for Centrepoint, a homeless charity that helps young people.

Raising money for an amazing charity was fantastic but since moving to Cornwall I wanted to be more involved in supporting a homeless charity, not only to learn what can be done to stop the homeless crisis but also to give my time to raise awareness and raise funds.

St Petrocs is an incredible organisation, and I am overwhelmed by the support and services they provide for their clients. Having only raised funds for a national charity, I was naive of what support is needed to ensure the clients not only get a place to live but also provide them with the tools to go forward to live independently outside of St Petrocs.

I am new to St Petrocs and have only had the privilege to be part of a couple of events, but I was amazed at the organisation of the St Petrocs team, how friendly everyone was, making me very welcome and included. Everyone at St Petrocs has a real passion and I am very lucky to be a small part of that. I feel honoured, and I look forward to future St Petrocs events.