Margie tells us her story of why she became a volunteer at St Petrocs (which led to her becoming a trustee)

I was driving back from Wiltshire to move back to Cornwall as I was running away from a very difficult long-term relationship and had finally said I have had enough.

On the journey I was listening to the radio, and a guy was talking about how he ran a choir for people experiencing homelessness in London.

As I drove along, I thought, I know, once I have sorted all this muddle out, I will run an art group for the homeless.

So, it began about six months later I rang St Petrocs and Russell was delegated to show me round the houses. This is about eight and half years ago. I think.

At the second house, I decided that I must pluck up all my courage and say. “I was wondering if anyone would like to do some art?" The response was…….

"I hate art, in fact I was really bad at art at school," replied one of the guys,

"Well, I really hate art" replied another guy.

Then this guy who was sitting quietly in the corner, said……….

"Actually, I am a professional artist, I had my own gallery, then everything

went badly wrong……… and I have been trying to work out how to get back to a doing some art, ever since. I would love to do some art!”. 

Photo of artwork pegged on a string

Then the young female in the corner jumped up and said, "I love art too; I've got my own portfolio can I show it to you?".

Half an hour later after going through her stunning photographs, I hear myself say,

"Right, I'll start tomorrow!" And what an amazing journey it has been………