Back in 2006, Louise started her first full-time job with St Petrocs, working in one of our Resource Centres as an Administrator. Over the next six years, she gained an invaluable understanding of homelessness in Cornwall, and saw how donations of blankets and clothing were vital, especially when weather conditions were severe.Photo of Louise

She re-joined the team in September 2021 – nearly 10 years later – as the Supporter Care Manager. Having seen first-hand the impact of peoples’ generosity, Louise now oversees the charity’s Supporter Care team, driving a culture of exceptional supporter experience – both within the team, and across the organisation.

St Petrocs: What attracted you to work for St Petrocs (again!)

Louise: I saw the Supporter Care Manager role on the St Petrocs website, and I just knew when I read the job profile that it would be an exciting opportunity. I worked at St Petrocs for 6 years and loved my job but left for personal reasons. There have been so many developments within the organisation since I left and the campaign of working to end homelessness in Cornwall really attracted me to working for St Petrocs again. My return has been so warm and welcoming, and I am so glad that I applied! 

So far, has your experience of working here matched your expectations?

I have been in my new role for 8 weeks and already feel that I made the best decision to work for St Petrocs again.

What do you think of the culture here at St Petrocs?

Everyone works as a team and supports each other. We are all passionate about the work we do, and this is reflected in the culture of St Petrocs.

Can you see yourself working here in five years’ time?

I see myself working at St Petrocs for as long as homelessness is an issue which I think sadly will still be the case in 5 years’ time.

What would you say to someone who was considering applying to work with us?

100% you need to apply! Working for a charity is such a rewarding experience. When you enjoy what you do it doesn’t feel like work – which is how I feel about being part of St Petrocs.