After many years of holidaying in Cornwall, Mike and his wife decided to relocate from their home in Northamptonshire. With plenty of interested buyers and the promise of some temporary accommodation in Perranporth while they looked for a new home, the last piece of the puzzle was finding the right job where Mike could put his diverse skills and experience to use.

“I was working as a Rough Sleeper Navigator and had worked in social housing and other social care settings for the last decade, so I researched these kinds of jobs in Cornwall,” he writes. “St Petrocs kept coming up as the best organisation to work for, so I targeted any jobs that were being advertised.”

In August 2021, Mike was finally able to complete the move down to Cornwall and joined our residential services as a Supported Accommodation Officer. 

St Petrocs: What motivates you to come to work each day?

Mike: I like helping people and this job allows plenty of that, but it also leaves a lot of scope to put my own ideas forward and develop them into projects for our residents.

What do you think of the culture here at St Petrocs?

One of the best things about St Petrocs is the culture. I feel encouraged and fully supported by my colleagues and management, right through to the top. I find it refreshing that I feel I can talk to anyone in the organisation, and they genuinely care about what I am saying. This kind of work can also be mentally draining, so I am heartened that St Petrocs make the effort to support staff through difficult times and encourage us to support each other.

Can you see yourself working here in five years’ time?

I hope to remain with St Petrocs way beyond 5 years. Things appear to be developing all the time and St Petrocs are at the business end of trying to solve some very difficult issues. I think it will be interesting to be a part of what happens next.

What would you say to someone who was considering applying to work with us?

I would encourage anyone to apply to work with us, if they are ready for lots of challenges and prepared to work with a brilliant team of people, who will support them throughout.