Pets are good for us: there’s plenty of evidence around that outlines how they can enhance our lives in a variety of ways. Pets provide us with companionship and emotional support, reduce our stress levels and sense of loneliness and can add to positive emotional development.

At St Petrocs we support and respect people’s relationships with their pets, we recognise the emotional support and companionship a pet can provide. St Petrocs accommodation is pet friendly, therefore are happy accommodate clients regardless of whether they have pets. We have a number of pets currently residing in our properties and they range from dogs to rats, gekos and even a Siberian hamster!

The bond many of our clients share with their pets is profound, such that their pets’ wellbeing is a life-shaping priority and pet owners will, in most cases put the needs of their pet, be it a dog or a hamster, before their own needs.

Experiencing homelessness does not take away from any of these facts. Some people have had their pets since before losing their homes and experiencing homelessness does not reduce someone’s ability or desire to love, and to want to receive unconditional love from a pet in return.

Along with ensuring our clients have food, we also provide food for our clients’ pets, much of which is received through donations. Currently we are in need of dog food donations. We have added options to our Amazon Wishlist for purchase and these will be delivered direct to the resource centre, which allows us to minimise people visiting our resource centres as we navigate the ongoing pandemic in order to protect our clients and staff as COVID-19 continues.