A member of staff and a client at Breadline in Penzance

To support COVID-19 relief work in UK communities, in April 2020 Barclays launched its 100×100 UK COVID-19 Community Aid Fund. It focuses on supporting UK charity partners who are meeting the immediate needs of people in UK communities during the pandemic.

St Petrocs is delighted to become one of Barclays’ charity partners, and benefited with £100,000 of funding for its services to deliver quality support for people who find themselves with no home.

There is always a continual flow of local people onto the streets in Cornwall, and the pandemic has not made the situation any better. As soon as one person is found somewhere to live, another person takes their place. So far, during the pandemic St Petrocs has assisted over 300 people into accommodation.

St Petrocs Winter Provision continues to operate through March. Having run now for over 90 nights in dispersed, self-contained accommodation it has housed 38 people so far.

Dave Brown from St Petrocs said:

“We would like to thank everyone at Barclays and its 100×100 Community Aid Fund for backing our services in Cornwall. St Petrocs has stayed open throughout the pandemic and our services have been a vital lifeline to those who have become homeless. We’re enormously proud to have partnered with Barclays who have supported the huge effort to make sure that no one has to rough sleep in Cornwall.”

Michael Watts, Barclays Market Director, Cornwall, said:

“This crisis has had an unprecedented impact across the UK, and we know this is an incredibly challenging time for many in Cornwall. By reaching those most in need of support, local charities, such as St Petrocs have played a vital role in this crisis to date, and no doubt they will do going forward. As a proud member of our community, we are doing everything we can for our customers, clients and colleagues, and we hope that our partnership with St Petrocs will allow many others to access the help they need as this crisis develops.”