In today’s world, it is increasingly important that everyone has access to the internet.  Digital isolation can be a real problem as most opportunities for housing, training, employment, or benefits require you to be online.  The St Petrocs app provides anyone pushed into homelessness, easily accessible information and assistance at their fingertips.

The app includes links to local and online support, contact details for agencies across the county, and access to news and events.  It includes digital skills training and other learning resources.  There is a secure messaging function with a direct communication link into dedicated St Petrocs staff irrespective of location.

The St Petrocs app was developed as a response to the social restrictions enforced by the coronavirus pandemic and is being launched having been tested over the winter with a number of our clients and residents.  St Petrocs has worked hard to keep all services open throughout the pandemic.  With the addition of the new mobile app, we can expand our services to offer support remotely when needed.

St Petrocs has secured funding to supply basic phones to people who otherwise would be unconnected and isolated.  Everybody deserves the right to be treated with dignity, no matter what their circumstances, background or identity.  Being digitally isolated is an unnecessary barrier to inclusion within modern society.  By the development of the app and provision of phones, St Petrocs is removing obstacles and supporting people out of homelessness.