In recent years St Petrocs has been extremely grateful to receive support from Streetdraw24. The project takes place in the autumn over 24 hours and artists explore the streets to draw what they see. The resulting art is displayed in a gallery setting and sold off to raise funds for St Petrocs.

Last year the event took place on the first very soggy weekend of October, but the weather did not deter and approximately 80 people took part with drawers aged from 6 to their mid-80s and including artists, students, and enthusiasts who between them produced around 300 images.

The theme for the event was “Back on the Streets?” In recognition of the fact that while many of us were happy to be out of our houses after lockdown ended, for those without secure housing this can be an even more difficult time.

The event has happened in Falmouth for four years and we’re delighted that it will return in October this year, noon to noon on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th October. An exhibition will then happen at The Poly during the week of October 18th.