St Petrocs are pleased to announce a winner of “The Poet’s Pen”, a project developed in partnership with the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce. Businesses and individuals across Cornwall took part, engaging employees, colleagues, clients, friends, and families in submitting poems.

Poems were written considering the theme of Home.  During this last year, many of us have transformed our homes into offices, gyms and classrooms. We have all had a unique experience based on our individual circumstances, but what we all have had in common is that we have a place to call home.

Poems were submitted from a broad range of businesses in Cornwall, and helped raise awareness of some of the challenges faced by the community in Cornwall as we leave lockdowns and enter a post-Covid19 world.

Isabel Aruna of University of Exeter’s poem ‘Pieces’ was selected as the competition winner after careful consideration through shortlisting and judging. Margie Ricardo’s poem ‘Home.’ came second, Laura Steen’s poem ‘Sometimes Home is’ came third.

It has been wonderful to see so many people joining together in this celebration of creativity, The sincerity and honesty of the poetry submissions considering reflections on ‘Home’, a subject so central to St Petrocs, has been humbling. Steve Ellis, CEO St Petrocs